Paul Karabinis
Jack's Hat, 1988-1991Bali Sword, 1988-1991Clay Figure, 1988-1991Pillow, 1988-1991Horse, 1988-1991Confederate Money, 1988-1991Crab and Crosses, 1988-1991Medusa, 1988-1991Dove, 1988-1991Antelope, 1988-1991Fish, 1988-1991For The Record, 1988-1991Antique Figure, 1988-1991Pillow II, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991Fish II, 1988-1991The Doll, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991Pitchfork, 1988-1991Samurai, 1988-1991The Devil's Ladder, 1988-1991Bird on a Mantle, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991The Nail, 1988-1991Nest, 1988-1991Yale '32, 1988-1991Horse and Bow, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991Calf Bearer, 1988-1991Untitled, 1988-1991
The House of Ingram